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2012 BMW i3 Coupe Concept

February 25th, 2014 Filed under: BMW

The 2012 BMW i3 Coupe Concept has been revealed at 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. This car is great and agile versions of BMW manufacture and is a preimum class motoring with zero local emissions. At the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, rumored that this car still in development process to obtain first all-electric model from BMW i brand as well as ready for series production and to describe a potentiality for providing comfort in the range model. The 2012 BMW i3 Coupe fits for urban scope that mirroring part of the premium profile. In addition, this car is also equipped with nice design in order to born BMW i brand tocompete with other competitors and you must know that BMW i3 Coupe has driving dynamic and enjoyment.

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Design development of the BMW i to the coupe concept produces incredible styling. The BMW i3 Coupe gives a lightness, more efficien, safety and premium quailty. The color of exterior surface derived from LifeDrive construction. With nice construction and design element of the Life and Drive modules give a symbolic harmonious correlation. In addition, this module also supplying for transparency car design that makes strongly sustainability concept. In example, the carbon-fiber structures are used in the Life module looks clearly if you see thorough entrance area and roof pillars but when the door of this car is opened.

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Then, some of Solar Orange metallic colors adorning on the doors, rear sidewalls and bodywork paneels near the wheel arches. 2012 BMW i3 Coupe is specifically make a warm shade bursting with energy. This stuff also forming electrifying contrast on the hood, roof and boot lid with high-gloss black as well as with the body’s black lower edge.

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The interior concept of the BMW i3 Coupe describes how the cockpit design has progressed such as only for series production, and almost same time individually nuance according to the concept for sporty three-door car. Then, layering structure is used for exterior with composition from controls and function elements. The premium charasterictic is created from mix of leather, wood, wool and other new raw materials. This thing can be seen and felt.

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The 2012 BMW i3 Coupe is equipped with top class display, that make information switchover among driver and car as well as functioning of infotainment and communications easier. In other side, this information can help every driver makes their driving is comfortable, efficient and certainly safe. And the good technology that ever owned by BMW is BMW i ConnectedDrive. This technology take advantage a network on the navigation system to relate with outside world.

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