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2014 BMW i3 Electric

August 25th, 2013 Filed under: BMW

Inside the 2014 BMW i3 – the first collection created product by BMW i – zero-emission flexibility in a high quality vehicle package shows to be a recipe for real driving satisfaction. The first BMW Group model operating on electric power alone provides consumers completely fresh innovative approaches to experience driving enjoyment, durability and connectivity on city highways. The experienced design of the BMW i3 displays each BMW’s customary sporting ability and the efficiency of a four-seater with authentic quality. Its revolutionary car idea, such as a passenger compartment created from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), combines lightness, stability and safety with amazing spaciousness. Meanwhile, the driver assistance systems and mobility services from BMW Connected Drive and the 360° ELECTRIC services – all created specifically for BMW i – turn zero-emission urban mobility into a compelling everyday driving experience.

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The 2014 BMW i3 is the world’s first high quality vehicle developed from the ground up to be run by an electric drive system. The result is characteristic BMW driving satisfaction, provided with zero emissions and an engaging intensity unrivaled by any other electrically run automobile. Such as the i3′s unique vehicle structures – based close to the LifeDrive framework, with its CFRP passenger cell and aluminium module encompassing the powertrain, battery and chassis – the electric motor, power electronics and high-voltage lithium-ion battery are already designed individually by the BMW Group under its BMW eDrive programme. This guarantees that BMW’s time-honoured Sheer Driving Pleasure is also a central feature of the BMW i3.

The utilization of light-weight, durable and crash-safe CFRP on this range is special in quantity car development. And because of its weight-reducing attributes, the BMW i3 is no heavier than a comparable vehicle with a standard drive system and full fuel tank. Its DIN kerb weight stands at 1,195 kilograms – including a high-voltage battery that enables the driver to appreciate both sporting performance features and an operating range enough for daily use.

The 2014 BMW i3 is the first premium-segment model conceived to run purely on electric power. And the car’s innovative vehicle concept also shines through in its design. The exterior and interior design of the i3 are heavily influenced by its LifeDrive architecture and pioneering drive system. Indeed, not content with conjuring up an unmistakable feeling of space and extraordinary driving experience, these two elements also have a significant stylistic impact.

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The origins, identity and individuality of the BMW i3 share equal prominence in its design. The fresh interpretation of established design features offers a nod to the car’s BMW family ties. Its standalone design language, which will also mark out future BMW i models, embodies lightness, safety, efficiency and driving pleasure, underlining the particular skill-set of the BMW i3. The appearance of the BMW Group’s first all-electric model reflects the extra focus on sustainability within its premium character, the role of the LifeDrive architecture in optimising the car’s functionality, and the i3′s innovative expression of emission-free driving pleasure in urban areas.

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A body measuring 3,999 millimetres in length, 1,775 mm in width and 1,578 mm in height gives the 2014 BMW i3 distinctive proportions whose dynamic character and compactness emphasise the car’s agility in urban use. The extremely short front and rear overhangs of the BMW i3 are also a clear pointer to its nimble driving characteristics. Large glass surfaces imbue the i3 with a compelling lightness and, together with its exposed carbon structures, lend visual expression to the car’s low weight.

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A powerfully formed front apron, eye-catching colour combinations and a fresh interpretation of hallmark BMW features are the headline elements of the front end. In the centre stands the distinctively styled BMW kidney grille, which has a blue- or silver-coloured surround (depending on the body colour) and is blanked off, as the electrically powered 2014 BMW i3 does not require cooling air to be channelled through its front end. Positioned at the same height are the headlights which extend well into the car’s flanks. The headlights display an individual character and are framed by U-shaped LED light units. A black border connects the lower edge of the apron with the circular foglamps positioned to its outer edges.

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The design and style of the rear part accentuates each the features and surefooted roadholding of the 2014 BMW i3. The big tail gate opens high and the thin, upright roof pillars make it simpler to load goods into the boot, whose capacity can be extended by folding down the rear seat backrests as and when needed.

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