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2012 Bentley Continental GT V8

2012 Bentley Continental GT V8 Grey Front Angle Pictures

2012 Bentley Continental GT and Continental GTC are available in a new V8 engine. Bentley V8 engine provides a maximum power of around 500bhp (507PS/373Kw) at 6000 rev / min and peak torque up to 660Nm (487 lb-ft) is available almost throughout the rev range of 1700 to 5000 rev / min. Then, Bentley gave […]

2013 Bentley Continental GT W12 Le Mans

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Immediately after getting the only Uk entry and putting 4th in the inaugural 1923 race, Bentley earned the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race in 1924. Coming from 1927 to 1930 Bentley taken over the event and got triumph on four consecutive events. In 2003, nearly 83 years to the date through its earlier succes, […]

2012 Bentley Continental GTC

2012 Bentley Continental GTC Front View

2012 Bentley Continental GTC. The quality of the production car bentley was no doubt, this company is now designing a new car with a development version of the GTC before. Bentley Continental GTC has now become a car that is able to provide the feasibility for its customers. With be some design and latest technology, […]

Bentley Azure T Convertible

Bentley Azure T Convertible front angle pictures

Bentley Azure T Convertible. Cars that have long searched for but could still form a unique style and some other interesting display. For the machine is equipped with twin-turbo V8 to get a more powerful force. Bentley Azure T is an outdated model, because it appears that the current continental version newer. But perhaps there […]

2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible - front angle pictures

2012 bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. For the first version of this car coming from the GT version but this time this car comes with a version more sports. This car Promising development system became the topic of the informants. The car is a variant of the Continental GTC, the one characteristic of a luxury car […]