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2012 Honda Civic SI Sedan

2012 Honda Civic SI Sedan Front View

2012 honda civic si. As a car that was much in demand of consumers in the United States, did not make the company civic pride, but now they are creating new car with the issue of the Civic sedan. This car has been recognized globally with the comfort level and gain reputation or good response […]

2012 Honda CR-Z

2012 Honda CR-Z Front View

2012 Honda CR-Z. First by the company’s debut of his new car that 2012 Honda CR-Z type is now able to get a good reception because of its updated features, and also support new technologies. In addition, the design of the interior was very attractive that makes consumer interest to buy them is increasing. Production […]

2012 Honda Odyssey

2012 Honda Odyssey Front View

2012 Honda Odyssey. Do not want to miss with the production of new cars in the market, Honda has been preparing a new generation of cars that are already familiar, namely honda odyssey 2012. This car was produced to make up the shortfall on the previous generation, although not too much because this car already […]

2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen

2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen Front View

2011 Honda Civic. Honda companies displaying their new car designs with features and advanced technology that is ready to be marketed on a global segment. This version has been proved that the civic-owned convenience, also capable of producing engine performance and better torque. The result of the change is a boost in engine output from […]

2012 Honda Pilot

2012 Honda Pilot Front Angle View

2012 Honda Pilot. The latest model honda pilot has received special attention after making some significant improvement. The design shown does tend to be more streamlined than previous generations. Improved interior features and EPA on the highway makes it convenient vehicle driven. Supported fuel economy capable of providing 25 mpg EPA rating for the better […]